A great website equals profit

April 2015 · Andis Cekuls

Well, here's something unheard of...

A well-designed and executed website can be a better sales tool for your organization than a team of salespeople. Seriously. That is because popular sites have a higher conversion rate than traditional sales can provide.

What this means is that your business can concentrate its efforts in the areas which get the best return on your investment - whether that is production, design, implementation, or training. Use your site as a means of keeping a 24/7 doorman at the front of your company, a tireless worker who can handle multiple requests and queries at once and never needs vacation time. 

A great website equals profit picture
Exceptional Aspects

High-quality work gets attention. An online site is often the public's first impression of your company - so make it a good one. Visual appeal is important; a poorly designed page or site can make the viewer stop looking. There is a psychology behind the placement of links, text and graphics on a site. When done correctly it is almost impossible not to click where you want viewers to click. Clicks can give you profit.

Did you know that some marketers claim to make millions writing blogs? This is not only because of the outstanding content they provide to their readers, but also because of the well-built website they have. A website that is ready to host many readers and many subscribers.

There are a couple tricks you can use to test your business website.. imagine you were the visitor.. the first-time visitor, the second-time visitor, the frequent user, the administrator. Most probably there are different things you are interested in every time you visit the site.

Type of visitorNotes
First-time visitor
  • Can you easily understand what your business is about?
  • Can you easily understand what your product is about?
  • Are you speaking directly to your visitor’s pains and problems?
  • Are you offering a solution?
  • Is your website loading quickly, so you don’t have to wait too long?
Second-time visitor
  • Are you building a long-lasting relationship?
  • Have you proved yourself to be an expert by giving some valuable information to your visitor?
  • Do you actually know someone is visiting you for the second time rather than the first?
Frequent visitor
  • Why are you visiting your website daily?
  • Are you an actual customer or still just a potential client?
  • What are you doing on your website? Are you reading the blog or just visiting the homepage all the time?
  • If you were a client already, would you like to buy more or share your feedback about the existing products?

Of course, there are better ways to keep track of what users think about your website. Get more from your site by using the best tools available. You absolutely must use statistics apps to analyse your web traffic, such as Google Analytics. If you want to take it a step further, you can even use click heat maps such as CrazyEgg. This will give you a sense of how visitors really use your website, so you can make improvements. What if your single biggest call-to-action button isn't getting any clicks whatsoever?

There may be avenues of sales or support which you didn't think of, ways to integrate the site into your daily function. For example, product placement and online-only incentives to purchase engage the viewer. Today's computer-savvy consumers will check your online presence before your telephone book ad. Be the first site they see and the last site they use when looking for a product or service!

Paid traffic

Here's a neat trick.. retargeting. Do you have any paid traffic coming to your site? If so, make sure to track your conversions and retarget your leads who had visited your website before. It takes multiple touches (multiple engagements) with your lead to make them a buying customer. Do read one of my previous blog posts on the importance of multi-touch marketing if you want to learn more. A way to reengage with your leads is through retargeting ads. If someone visits your site, drop a cookie so you can track your visitors and show them your ad again later. You can install Facebook's conversion pixel, which will make multi-touch marketing much easier if you're advertising on Facebook.

The best expression of your brand is your online presence. Other social media outlets exist. However, 62% of people check out the world wide web before navigating to secondary avenues of contact. How your site interacts with potential customers, and how you share your goals and values as an organization can affect your sales figures positively or negatively.

Your business doesn't have to be on all of the social networks. A general rule-of-thumb is this:

  • Twitter for the techy products and fast-to-go-viral things;
  • Pinterest for window-shopping products, such as designs or prototypes. Quotes work well for sharing too. Note that Pinterest's user base consists of 75% female users;
  • Facebook mainly for B2C, although the user base is really broad on Facebook.. so you may be able to work with B2B as well;
  • LinkedIn for B2B;
  • Google Plus is similar to Facebook, although mainly used for SEO / Google in-search layout purposes these days.

For marketing and sales, a well-designed site gives you lots of statistical data. This information can be a valued tool for the salespeople as well as the CEO. By knowing the audience you are drawing to your site; you can reaffirm that your branding and marketing are working the way you want it to. Should you feel a wide disparity between the audience you thought you would attract versus the one you did, you can modify components to embrace the new market or re-direct the attention of the crowd you'd like to have.

Easy to engage, knowledgeable, professional presentation and work make the business person successful. After you've taken the time to craft your site to your exact specifications, your site will highlight who you are and what you do. Create a constant digital presence ready to serve the customers you have and those you will gain with your well-designed web site.