Internet of Things can get you more sales

March 2015 · Andis Cekuls

Just a few years ago the Internet of Things seemed more like a science fiction story and now it is a reality in many people's lives. This technology is also revolutionizing the way organizations do business from sales to operations. However, many business owners and managers don't know what this term means. For those new to the term, it is the concept that everything can be connected and controlled through the Internet. This idea could have several benefits to companies for their long-term goals.

Internet of Things can get you more sales picture
Enhance customer service

Because employees can be connected anywhere and anytime, they have more information at their fingertips when they are consulting with clients or handling sales. They can quickly provide answers and solve problems, improving customer satisfaction. Organizations can even work remotely on customer issues to bring resolution faster. The access to information on cloud storage and the ability to connect remote devices can drive businesses to win more clients and increase profitability with effective marketing.

Provide more information

Businesses will be able to obtain more reliable data as products are tied to the Internet. A prime example is already in place with medical devices that record data and upload it to the Internet. A medical professional can review the information and make necessary changes to medication or other treatment options. This same idea is present in many businesses. As companies find out more about the ways people use their products, they can change the design to improve customer satisfaction and increase the number of return customers they have. This data may also provide valuable insight, to the CEO and managers, into what complimentary products may have high marketing potential, thus expanding their product line and increasing revenue. 

Enhance productivity

Every employee uses devices and equipment that could be better utilized by consulting the right information. The innovation that comes with the Internet of Things makes that possible with the ability to record specific data that can then be analyzed. For instance, a manufacturing plant may be able to increase efficiency when each process is studied and the best methods are determined.

The equipment itself can be studied to see which tools or settings provide the best speed or most efficiency. Differences between multiple employees can also be reviewed to determine who is most efficient at which jobs. Staff members will be placed where they are the most productive, which will enhance their job satisfaction while meeting the company's needs.

From the CEO to the manager, everyone in the company must embrace the Internet of Things and discover the ways that it will benefit them. As new technology continues to be developed, the concept will only continue to grow. Organizations that invest in the Internet of Things will see a return on investment for their innovation and develop a competitive edge.