Why is multi touch marketing important

March 2015 · Andis Cekuls

It is never enough to just get a pool of leads. Although the digital world today may seem like a super fast-moving environment, it is more important than ever to nurture your potential clients and convert them into real customers in a well-defined process.

Every sales cycle is individual; yet there are some common traits to be aware of.

Why is multi touch marketing important picture
Multiple interactions

The days of making the one perfect pitch are over. Buyers check your credentials, they read posts about you on the Internet and they look at your social network profiles to see what your current customers are saying about you. And yet there is no magic number of online interactions that you have to have with your leads to convert them into valid clients. You need to have a consistent stream of touches. You need to be in sync with your leads and customers over multiple channels to make them buy and love you as a brand.

Consistent audience

To make your online presence worthwhile you need to fully understand your target audience. It won't matter if you have multiple interactions with someone that is not in your specific niche. It won't matter if you write a guest article in a cooking blog if you're selling yachts.

To choose channels over which you might want to connect with your leads, first, understand them. Understand them perfectly. Create a Buyer Persona, fill out a Business Model Canvas. What do your clients do? Where do they hang out? Where do they go to when they are travelling? What blogs do they read?


When it comes to channels there are tons of potential ways to communicate. Your website (landing pages), social networks, emails, phone calls, ebooks, online advertisements, webinars and many more. Investigate where your leads come from and how they interact with you online. If they find you on Google, make sure your landing page talks directly to the lead and gets his or her email address, so you can continue your stream of touches later on as well. When you send your monthly newsletter via email, make sure to invite your lead to connect with you on Twitter. When they tweet at you, reply and get them to go back to your website again. Build up your number of touches, and be consistent.

Remember, always track the touches with your leads. You want to know your weak spots, and you want to know when you lose your leads. Evolve your marketing. Interact with your leads in a constant stream of touches. Communicate, nurture and convert.