Cozychest Christmas Gifts

mystery gifts in a mystery Christmas bag

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There is no time like Christmas time. We gathered the best craftsmen from Latvia to build mystery Chrimstas bags.. bags filled with the greatest gifts made in Latvia. We offered 3 choices of sacks - red, green and blue. Each one featured 6 unique gifts from the local entrepreneurs.



It's Christmas. We decided to help our local small businesses sell their products. So we found about 15 Latvian business owners and offered them the chance to participate in our mystery gift sales.



Well, here's for a surprise. The buyers didn't know what exactly they were buying until they opened the bag. We only said there were 3 different bags for purchase; and each one of them had 6 gifts inside. No other info. Whatsoever.



Logistics. Latvia as a country isn't ready for ecommerce businesses. Handling is expensive. Shipping is super-expensive. No automation available. In the end we hand-delivered most of the sacks.. which surprisingly saved us both - time and money.
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