Project "Musinn" Beta

music streaming app based on Youtube and Soundcloud

Project "Musinn" Beta Image #1

Music's getting increasingly available on the Internet via streaming; and we decided to build a music streaming web application, called Musinn. We never marketed this application to a wide general public, however, it features some of our best technology built here at Phycon.



Musinn uses the music from Youtube, Vimeo and Soundcloud. It features beautiful listener profiles, playlists and the ability to comment songs over Twitter.



Musinn's backbone is the Crescendo framework. We used HTML5 for all the front-end animations, and a technology called MuJAX to keep playing music even when the user navigates the site.



While building the web streaming app, we wished to create it as seamless for the end user as possible. We achieved it using various animations that enhance the user experience.
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