Waveform Visualizer

C++ based audio visualization

Waveform Visualizer Image #1

One of our music projects required a CLI-run audio visualization program. We created an efficient solution using C++, converting audio files to strings of numbers that can later be used by the engineering team as needed. The example above is just one of many designs that can be built using the program.



We used a single C++ compilable script. It downsamples a given .mp3 file to a 16-bit .wav, which is then converted to a string of numbers.



The program is efficient enough to be used in various applications. We used it for the music uploaded by our users in order to show beautiful and creative waveforms during playback.



This is currently a back-end program. Consequently, it can only be used to convert batch data. A great way to improve this script is by adding front-end live stream conversion support.
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