Terms of Service

(updated April 2019)

Phycon Ltd, registration no. LV40103616240, registered in Gramzdas iela 21 - 7, Riga, Latvia ("Us") does not give any guarantees about our visitors' ("Your") ability to create products, make new clients or otherwise benefit from the tools, ideas, courses and information we provide online (excluding our professional services) in this or other services we manage. However, we do guarantee a 100% money-back policy for the first 30 days of your online-made purchase from us. The 100% money-back policy does not apply to contracts signed and / or purchases placed offline unless agreed otherwise.

Terms of use

We expect our visitors to use the website and its tools in the way they are intended to be used (as described in our site). Any wrongful or illegal actions within our website, or any use of our branding to promote illegal activities may and will be reported to the governmental institutions, as required by the law.

Any communications with Phycon shall be done via email, ending with @phycon.com. Any other email addresses claiming to be either part of or fully Phycon are false; and we do not take responsibility of any losses because of miscommunications.

Purchases online (e-commerce)

All payments online via credit card forms are made to Phycon Ltd. We use SSL to encrypt your payment information, and do not store your credit card data.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for purchases (excl. shipping) made in the last 30 days. Customers must notify us in a written form via email if such action is required. The product in question must be returned within the period of 30 days.

Content published by us

The content we publish on our website may not be used or republished elsewhere unless agreed or noted otherwise in writing. However, we do encourage you to use all the tools, ideas and information derived from our content for any personal or entrepreneurial benefit.

Content published by visitors

We cannot be held responsible for the content published in the comment sections of our website. Any content we view as wrongful can be removed by us at any time without prior notification.

All changes to Terms of service will be posted to this page. All major changes will be notified by email.