Rediscovering industrial heritage

Featured in Latvia and Estonia

A vision for industrial heritage

Riga Planning Region together with 4 other organizations in Latvia and Estonia invested in reviving the industrial heritage around these countries - to restore the once majestic buildings of industrial age and to show tourists that industrial heritage is worth exploring.

Bringing digital to industrial heritage

In order to show tourists that visiting industrial heritage really is a worth-while activity, we were tasked with creating 5 videos in 4 languages - one for each type of industrial heritage. The industrial heritage sights in this project included lighthouses, railways, water towers, historic factories and mills. We then went on to create a general 3-minute video about industrial heritage as a sightseeing attraction.

We then visited 60 industrial heritage locations all over Latvia and Estonia to create 360-degree virtual tours of those locations that can be seen in the industrial heritage map of Latvia and Estonia. The total number of 360-degree photos made for these objects reached 250.

Furthermore, in order to make the client's industrial heritage tourism brochure interactive, we used GemAR to replace some of the photos with videos on paper in augmented reality.