At Phycon, we specialize in personalized and custom technology. Our team only works on a handful of projects at a time, making sure we can dive in and understand every smallest bit of your business in order to create technology that truly works.

Furthermore, we're agile and fully transparent! We plan the work in sprints and meet you often to develop and refine new requirements, deliver frequent updates and create solutions incrementally. Not agile yet? We're happy to train you and your colleagues, so, together, we can form a team that is agile and ready to build and conquer.

Our services

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Turning gems into AR

What's that, right there near you? Wait, is it a gem.. GemAR?

GemAR is an augmented reality app that uses your surroundings to make the world more fun and colorful.
It's main technology is based on recognizing images and turning them into detailed videos to teach, to promote, and to explain.

Know who's in at all times

Organizing conferences, seminars and other events poses several major organizational difficulties for the organizing party relating to the registration of the visitors, attendance tracking and after-event statistics. In order to save time while working on events, it is important to make registration for events and their analysis as simple as possible. Phycon’s Ticketize automatically manages the attendance registration for events or students coming to lectures.

Our toolstack

Our usual work-flow starts with a ping on Slack and another one later in the day on Atlassian Jira, when we're working on the tasks and user stories for the upcoming project. It's actually been a while since we last used emails, but we're open to Microsoft Teams and communication on client's specific systems.

We then choose between Zeplin, InVision and Marvel to communicate the design and the general looks & feels for the work we're creating. While Zeplin is our choice for design handoff, we opt for Marvel for its interactive prototypes and wireframes most of the time.

We usually base our programming work on Laravel, which is a framework for the PHP programming language. And recently we've started using Vue.js to make the platforms that run on Laravel's backend faster and more fluid. For apps, we prefer sticking to native languages - Java and Swift. We store all of our code on Github, but our clients sometimes ask us to use VSTS instead.

We trust our servers and computing power to AWS, running Ubuntu and Nginx. Sometimes our clients like us to use their infrastructure to host the services we build, which we are happy to do.

Some other neat tricks we have up our sleeves include hardware - sensors, controllers, such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino - and making awesome media - videos, ads and photos (including 360-degree photos!).