Interactive traveling game

Take pictures. Earn points. Win prizes.

Exploring must be interactive

INTERREG Latvia – Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme recently presented their mobile application “LAT LIT VIETA” that invites people to explore and earn prizes by traveling to over 160 different touristic locations in Latvia and Lithuania.

Take pictures. Earn points. And win prizes. All through your iOS or Android smartphone.

Apps and a behind-the-scenes website

The iOS and Android mobile applications both list more than 160 objects across Latvia and Lithuania in 3 different languages. When a user arrives at some object's location, they receive a notification that asks them to take a photo of that place. Successful and quality photos are awarded with points that can later be exchanged for gifts and prizes in-app.

In order to make the apps easy to manage, we also created a system for the programme's administrators to create, edit and delete new objects, prizes and texts used within the app, so changing information in it is as easy as logging in and editing the data in a user-friendly text editor on the PC.