Videos for School milk and fruit

Promoting healthy lifestyle, starting young

Splashing milk as an apple

Children from the Andreja Upīša Skrīveru Secondary School created a character called Apple Milksplash, which later became the talisman for the European Union programme "School Milk and Fruit" in Latvia. Rural Support Service of the government of Latvia presents Apple Milksplash as the main protagonist in video series, tasked with reminding everyone of the importance of a healthy diet and maintaining one's health.

Time for some fun interviews and stories!

.. told by an animated apple.

Rural Support Service chose us to create three different videos to promote and explain their work on the programme "School milk and fruit".

First video brought Apple Milksplash to life and the character interviewed the children of three education institutions to ask the children themselves the most important question - why are milk and fruit important?

The second and the third videos showed the Latvian farmers supplying milk and fruit to the schools and revealed the work and the story behind how the programme works and how exactly the products get made and delivered to schools all over Latvia.