Escape room

Controlling fear from afar

Turning hardware into fear

Two Raspberry Pi's. One Arduino. Five weight sensors. Two movement (infrared) sensors. A set of stereo speakers. And a set of surround speakers. A combination for a horror-themed escape room.

Everything's connected

Controlled over local network

The client gave us a horror story and asked us to find the right hardware to bring that story to life in an escape room in Naples, Italy. The story asked for five weights that opened secret doors when someone put a statue of the right weight on them. We coupled the main storyline with several scary features, such as built-in-wall portraits that came to life when one comes closer to it as well as underground speakers that make knocking sounds from below.

While the story seems good in the beginning, escape rooms change, and the technology used must change with it. Consequently, a website to control the settings was built, and it let the client change the necessary weights for weight sensors, change the sounds and reset the game.