Student and ticket registration

Counting students and attendees

Tracking lectures and events

Ticketize is a platform used at events to generate tickets and produce the statistics of attendees as well as at universities to track the attendance of students in lectures.

All mobile

For students and ticket inspectors

For event organizers, Ticketize seamlessly integrates in their website or other mediums where their attendees can sign up. They then receive or purchase a ticket, which is sent to the attendee's email together with other email notifications to remind about the upcoming event. A ticket inspector can then scan the ticket through Ticketize iOS and Android app when the attendee shows it at the event (the ticket itself, however, can either be printed or shown digitally).

For students, Ticketize is a means to check-in at a lecture. By scanning the ID of the lecture, shown by the professor, Ticketize automatically registers the student as present. Professors can view the statistics of the lectures on their internal university systems. We have also developed a Moodle plugin to help with the integration.