Cozychest - Christmas Gifts

Cozychest is local

Christmas e-commerce

It's Christmas! We decided to help our local small businesses to use this holiday time and promote the sales of their products. So we found about 15 Latvian business owners and offered them the chance to participate in our mystery gift sales on Cozychest.

Keeping the secret

And hence driving sales

Well, here's one for a surprise. The buyers didn't know what exactly they were buying until they opened the bag. We only said there were 3 different bags for purchase; and each one of them had 6 gifts inside. No other info. Whatsoever.

We created a specialized e-commerce website that let the users purchase Christmas sacks using credit cards and PayPal. And then shipped the gifts to their offices or homes.

To make Christmas gift giving more fun (and since most of our customers were businesses that were purchasing gifts for their employees), we actually added a team-building gift-giving exercise with each purchase to make corporate Christmas memorable, useful and fun.