Automating an association

Our work on Latvian Association for People Management

HR professionals connecting digitally

The Latvian Association for People Management aims to develop best practice in HR and be the thought leader in all things HR. While HR mostly relates to human-to-human interactions, the association wants to spread knowledge between the members even digitally - by creating a platform for HR that helps its members connect digitally and at real-life events.

Website as a platform

The Latvian Association for People Management asked us to prepare a website that helps their members share information privately and sign up for the association's events.

In order to deliver a secure platform, it was necessary to create access for the individuals behind the member companies in the association, rather than the member companies themselves. So, in case an individual leaves the member company, the association can cut the access to the individual rather than the company itself. Consequently, a complex individual - member company relation was created that lets individuals sign up for access to the platform through the member company while keeping the member company as an entity separate.

Another important feature for associations is statistics - who comes to the association's events, who signs up and doesn't come, and who never comes. We used Ticketize to send scannable tickets and event reminders to the individuals signing up for the association's events, hence producing automated data about the attendees.